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Camp Cody Payment

Reserve Price: $1,900
Actual Value: $3,300

Camp Cody 2-Week Session
Just click the button below to purchase a two-week session at Camp Cody at the reserve price of $1,900 (over 40% off of the regular value of $3,300).

By purchasing this item, you will receive the following:
  • (1) Two­-week session at Camp Cody: Value at $3,300 per session 
  • Your choice of two session Dates: (June 21 ­ July 4) or (August 2 ­ August 15)

  • This donation is only available to first­-time families to Camp Cody
  • Camp Cody is for boys or girls ages 7-13 Additional $200 per session fee charge will apply. To be paid to Camp Cody by the family winning the camp session(s) upon registration. Families must register within 30 days. For additional information please contact: Gui Alves, Administrative Assistant,