You'll receive a free ticket to cast a vote or enter the game room.


Heads/Tails (Cash Prize)
The cost to participate is $5 in cash. You will be given a paper mask of an animal to identify you during the game.  Participants will choose sides by placing the mask in front of their face to either show the front of the animal "the head" or the back of the animal "the tail." A coin will be flipped. If the location of your mask matches what is showing on the coin, you're still in the game. Otherwise, you sit down. This continues until one person remains standing. That person is the winner of the cash prize. How much can you win? That depends on how many people participate. The value will equal at least half of the Heads/Tails proceeds.

Wine & Beer Ring Toss
If you win, claim your wine/beer prize to take home after the event. Cost to play is 1 ticket. Additional tickets can be purchased. If you bring in a bottle of wine we'll give you an extra ticket to play. If you bring in a bottle of liquor, we'll give you two extra tickets to play. (At the end of the night, the remaining beer/wine/liquor will be included as a Live Auction Item.)

Game Room
For 1 ticket you can try your hand at several games, like Cornhole and Hit the Can Ball Game. When you win, add your name to the brag board for everyone to see. 

Spin to Win
Spin the wheel to pick a gift certificate. Prizes are valued from $20 to $110. First come, first served. But, watch out for those Wheel of Fortune whammies! You might take home a collectable treat instead. Cost is $20 to play.

Drop a coin and see where it lands! You'll win the certificate in that spot. Certificates are valued at $20 and up.  Cost is $20 to play.

Needle in a Haystack
Hunt for a "needle" in the haystack. Limited to 5 contestants. Cost is $20. Pick your favorite hay bale. At the sound of the whistle, participants will rip through their haystack looking for the golden "needle." The first to find the needle takes home up to $100 cash!

Register by emailing


Mason jars will be labeled with teacher/administrators' names. The mason jar with the most tickets wins the vote! 

Ballot Question 1:
Which classroom should receive their own state-fair-themed class party?
 (This will be in addition to the regular classroom parties)

Ballot Question 2:
Which administrator should receive a fresh-baked, award-winning pie?

The winners will be announced on the PTO Facebook page after the event.

Voting for Best of Show

You can be crowned Mr. and Ms. Ben-Hem at this year's event for wearing your best State Fair attire. The winners will be the guests of honor on this year's Fourth of July float!

How do you play? Wear your best State Fair attire to the event. Think...curly-q mustaches, vintage top hats, bustle skirts, farmer overalls, boots and belt buckles, fancy hats or carnival stripes, etc. 

One person will be chosen from the male category to snag the Mr. Ben-Hem title. And one person will be chosen from the female category to win the Ms. Ben-Hem crown. (You do not have to be a couple to participate. Awards will be given to individuals.)

"Best of Show" will be voted on by attendees at the event. There are no Best of Show fees, just dress to the nines!

Grab N' Go Bags

Bags can be purchased for $20. Cash only. Each bag holds an item valued at $20 or more --- so everyone is a winner! At least 5 bags have items valued at $40-$60. And, 1 bag has the big prize - valued at $100! 

Coloring Pages

This is an adult-only event, but we're having a pre-event coloring contest for Ben-Hem kids. Have your child color in their favorite AEO-State Fair picture for a chance to win 4 tickets to the Topsfield Fair in September. You do not have to be present to win.

Each picture submitted is an entry to win tickets. RETURN COLORING PAGES BY FEB. 17th. All entries will be displayed at the event and a winner will be announced. 

Coloring pages are available to print, below.

Games are subject to change.

All donations, prizes, games and activities are subject to change before or on the night of the event due to availability or unforeseen circumstance. Details on this website do not constitute a legal description of actual events, auction items or prizes. No refunds will be issued. If you purchase a ticket and are unable to attend, please consider your purchase a direct donation to the Ben-Hem PTO.

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